We'd Like To Get to Know You

Welcome To Lowell First Church (LFC)

We are so glad you have decided to check us out! We are a warm and loving Community with kind, caring and gifted pastors, but what we really want you to notice about us is the place that Jesus Christ has in our life together. Together with you, we hope to discover just how wide and deep (Ephesians 3) is the love of our Creator for us all.

Serious About Hope

There is no question that the world is full of sinful choices and evil structures that cause so many people pain, but we believe it a mandate that we let you know that we believe that Jesus is victorious in them all. Certainly, that victory is tempered by every human’s personal choices to accept or reject that love, but we exist to let you know that God’s love in Jesus Christ is enough to change the world- it is enough to change YOUR world! 

Grateful For Community

While there is no question that the Church (any church, anywhere) should have Jesus Christ as her only superstar, we are also humbled by the fact that by God’s Spirit the Lord chooses and empowers people like us to reflect the very heart of God to each other and to our community. While you may hear about churches reaching out for volunteers and even members, what we are looking for are partners and owners of Christ’s mission here and around the globe. 

Our Call Is Collective

So now it is up to you. We offer a personal calling to join us sometime; to see what authenticity is revealed in our worship as we seek to be a people that are faithful disciples on Christ’s mission. Your connection here may very well be God’s way of inviting you to see if together we might find faith, hope and love birthed in our worlds as together we come to the Lord’s table, open the Word together, and discover that the real presence of Christ is able to change everything.

Send Us Any Questions You Have by contacting us below.